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Quality, Performance and Durability 



ULTIMEA focus on providing exceptional high quality films which exceed our customers' expectations. Hence, we spend all our time and resources in our researching and developing latest products in the market. We uphold the highest quality standards in the whole process from creating to distributing to our clients. 



ULTIMEA Film have superior performance over its competitor holistically. ULTIMEA has gain worldwide recognition due to the better performance and higher quality standards as compared with our peers. 



ULTIMEA Film are designed and developed to last. We offer up to lifetime warranty for our films. 

What is Paint Protection Film 


ULTIMEA Fusion Paint Protection Film is a layer of transparent protective film applied to the automotive body to protect the paint. Paint Protection Film covers the paint, forming a barrier unlike any paint protection available in the world. It maintains the integrity of your car paint with its unique features.

It protects the vehicle original factory car paint from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements.

What is Window Film? 


ULTIMEA Window Film helps to protect against harmful UV Rays, heat generated and reduce the amount of light transmitted from the sun. It can be used on automotive vehicles, residential and commercial buildings.

We are proud and honored to say that our window films offer the highest quality in the world with up to 100% UV Rejection and a Total Solar Energy Rejected of up to 83%. 


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